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In The Zone 2 with DZR

Work smarter to build your endurance, preserve peak power and recover faster with Zone 2 focused training. Join the European morning or afternoon session taking place every Saturday.

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In The Zone 2 #2 is designed to improve your cardiovascular endurance and build a strong foundation for higher intensity training. It features multiple intervals of sustained moderate effort (Zone 2) interspersed with recovery periods and short bursts of high intensity.

The Talking Test

Zones in Zwift workouts are based on FTP and might not always accurately reflect your effort level. Here's how the talking test can help:

ZoneTalking Test
Zone 1You can easily maintain a conversation
Zone 2You can maintain a conversation without feeling breathless or struggle for words
Zone >2You find it challenging to speak without pausing for breath or only to utter short phrases

Benefits of Zone 2 Training

Zone 2 training targets the sweet spot of aerobic exercise intensity, where you stimulate type 1 muscle fibers and promote mitochondrial growth and function. In turn, this will:

    • Increase your capacity to burn fat, thereby improving endurance and preserving glycogen for peak efforts.
    • Increase lactate clearing capacity to enhance peak efforts and facilitate faster recovery.

Find all you need to know (probably a bit more than that, actually) about zone 2 training in the excellent video below from Peter Attia's podcast, The Drive, featuring Pogačar's coach and internationally renowned Iñigo San Millán