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In The Zone 2 with DZR

Work smarter to build your endurance, preserve peak power and recover faster with Zone 2 focused training. Join the European morning or afternoon session taking place every Saturday.

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Zone 2 training is one of the most important aspects of any training plan. We do not always get faster by training faster. In Zone 2 training we are stimulating your type I muscle fibers - slow twitch. Spending time in Zone 2 is absolutely essential to improving performance. This workout is a mashup of shorter zone 2 workouts - Zone 2 1, Cadence Pyramid & Aerobic Threshold Development - to get a long and varied zone 2 workout.

The Talking Test

Zones in Zwift workouts are based on FTP and might not always accurately reflect your effort level. Here's how the talking test can help:

ZoneTalking Test
Zone 1You can easily maintain a conversation
Zone 2You can maintain a conversation without feeling breathless or struggle for words
Zone >2You find it challenging to speak without pausing for breath or only to utter short phrases

Benefits of Zone 2 Training

Zone 2 training targets the sweet spot of aerobic exercise intensity, where you stimulate type 1 muscle fibers and promote mitochondrial growth and function. In turn, this will:

    • Increase your capacity to burn fat, thereby improving endurance and preserving glycogen for peak efforts.
    • Increase lactate clearing capacity to enhance peak efforts and facilitate faster recovery.

Find all you need to know (probably a bit more than that, actually) about zone 2 training in the excellent video below from Peter Attia's podcast, The Drive, featuring Pogačar's coach and internationally renowned Iñigo San Millán