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The Zwifty Fifty

When 25 is too little and 100 is too much.

DZR brings to you the Goldilocks of Zwift racing intensity and endurance. With weekly races at about 50km the races are not too short and intensive to build stamina and not too long and time consuming to actually get done. They are just right. And they are on every Sunday 14:45 CET | 8:45 AM EST.


  • Category Enforced
  • Power Meter Enforced
  • Heart Rate Monitor Enforced
  • No TT bikes Enforced
  • No PowerUps

Sunday May 26

14:45 CET | 8:45 AM EST

Race PassZwiftPowerWorldRouteLapsKmHm
ZwiftZwiftPowerMakuri IslandsSukis Playground355.1450

Route Profile and Key Climbs

Sukis Playground

Image 1

Bonus Sprints

First across line (FAL) bonus seconds on segments below

SegmentCountry Sprint

Bonus seconds on each sprint are awarded according to